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What to Do if You Get Arrested in Las Vegas

Last updated 7 years ago

The catchphrase in Sin City might be "What Happens Here, Stays Here,” but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a legitimate legal system. Although it may come as a shock to some tourists, Las Vegas actually does have real-life laws and a police department to enforce said laws. So whether you are a Vegas resident or a tourist passing through, here’s a short list of things you can expect if you’re ever arrested in Las Vegas.

  • Do not resist arrest, even if you believe you are innocent. You will be arrested anyway, and then you'll have the additional charge of Resisting Arrest. Stay calm and respectful; do not act violent or defiant. Also, remember to keep your hands to yourself and where the police can see them, do not put them in your pockets – this assures the police that you’re not trying to pull a weapon on them.
  • You have a right to remain silent. Give only the name, address, and telephone number of you, your immediate family, and your employer. This is the only information needed for setting bail. If the police continue to question you, say only, "I want to talk to a lawyer." Also, if you're arrested with somebody else, don't talk with them about the incident in the back of the police car.
  • Choose your phone call wisely. You have a right to make one phone call to your family, lawyer, or organization (remember the phone you use may be tapped).
  • Smile pretty! After you’re searched, you’ll have your photograph and fingerprints taken.
  • Take names. Try to get the names and badge numbers of the police who arrested you or deal with you in the police station. Write this information down as soon as you get the chance.
  • Be prepared for a pat down. During the arrest, the police are entitled to pat you down and search you for weapons. After you are taken to the station, they can then give a more thorough search for contraband.

After the initial booking and being placed in a holding cell, you’ll face a judge during a procedure called an arraignment, where you’ll be asked to enter a plea of ‘guilty,’ not guilty’ or ‘no contest.’ If that plea is 'not guilty,' then a court date is set for a formal trial. As incentive to return to court voluntarily, the court will ask for bail money (which will vary in amount to match the seriousness of the crime). Since most people cannot afford the full bail amount, you must then get in touch with a bondsman to arrange for bail bonds. For an affordable bail bondsman in Las Vegas, contact the professionals with Vegas Bail. As a provider of 24 hour bail bonds in Las Vegas, we can meet your needs so you get out of jail and back to your life.


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