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Why Even Innocent People Need Help Sometimes

Last updated 7 years ago

Although most of us are law-abiding citizens, it does happen now and then that the police pull in innocent parties who are being accused of doing something against the law. It may well be that they are guilty, of course, and in either case where the accused is taken to court, then a surety is needed to get them out of jail while the case is being heard. In most instances, the accused will not be able to lay his hands on this amount of money so he must consider hiring a bail bond agent, for that particular area, to guarantee that he will show up in court on the designated time. Bail bondsare used to ensure a degree of freedom so that the accused can get on with their lives while waiting on that all important court date in the future.

It is not hard to understand how any of this works at all. The agent will have to have some details from the accused up front before he makes the all important decision to help out. He will need ten percent of the amount that the judge has ordered and this can come in the form of cash, checks or even deeds to property etc. Once this is in his possession, he will virtually guarantee that the accused will come to the court on the date specified and if he does not, he will be liable for the whole amount for sure.

The decision to use one of these agents should not be taken lightly either. If the accused absconds without showing up in court, it is possible that the agent can send out bounty hunters to track him down. This sounds a little like the old wild west but it is done even up until today and things do turn nasty when this happens.

On top of all this, the court will assume that he is guilty, naturally, and any deeds and cash will be forfeited. Plus he will have to pay the whole amount with the fees for the agent added on top. This can work out to quite a huge sum of money in some instances and the accused will probably not get the opportunity to use an agent again in the future.

These agents are specifically there for people who act in a reasonably honest and straight forward manner. Merely using one so as to run away from the court is not really a good thing so people should think twice before using one. Once someone is known to have a bad reputation, they will be hard pressed to get help from even family members in future and this may be needed to raise the ten per cent at the beginning of all this drama. No one knows when they will need help for sure, since things can go wrong at the drop of a hat, so it is better to be a reliable person who people rush to help in times of trouble.

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