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A Bail Bond Agent Can Help You Get Out Of Jail

Last updated 7 years ago

Being put into jail can be a humiliating and scary time in one’s life. Getting bailed out can send a great sense of relief through the person who was arrested and their entire family. If you need the services of a bail bond agent, but do not know what kind of bond you need, there are ways to find out what exactly is necessary. The first type of bond is a misdemeanor bond. These are issued for crimes that will require a year or less time in jail. These are the smallest bonds that one will need to take out to get their family member freed from jail. It is unlikely that these crimes will go to trial, but they can if the judge deems it necessary.

A felony bond is issued for more serious crimes. These will cost more because of the nature of the crime and the chance that the person may try to run instead of going to court. Some bond companies will make concessions for their clients and allow them to put their homes or cars up for collateral toward the bond, if they do not have the funds on hand to pay for the bond.

A criminal appeal bond is issued when a person who has been convicted of a crime is appealing their conviction and is released from jail. The judge may do this if they believe that the person getting the bond will be responsible and trustworthy enough to go back into court and go through the trail of appeals again. This is not something that a judge has to do, nor should they be expected to give the person this type of bond. Many judges look at the person’s behavior in jail before determining if they should get this bond or if they should wait in jail for the appeals trial.

Jail bonds come in different varieties. There are cash bonds, which can be secured by cash. A surety jail bond involves a cosigner to make certain that the person makes it to court for their hearing. If the person doesn’t get to the court hearing, the money they have put up is not refundable and they will be put back into jail. Property jail bond can be used if the property that is put up equals the amount of the bond. A lien is put on this property. If the person goes to court and takes care of everything they need to, the lien is cleared. If they do not, the lien is invoked and the bail bondsman will take the property.

Immigration bonds are another way to bail someone out of jail if they have been arrested on a charge that relates to immigration. This bond moves quickly though, because ICE may move to deport the person while they are in custody. Judges look to see if a detainee can post a bond quickly and stop being deported. Many of these bonds can be paid over a few years as a financing option.


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