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Running Away From Court Is Not The Answer

Last updated 6 years ago

Whenever a crisis occurs, particularly those that involve the police and the breaking of any kind of law, we need some help from the experts who try to mitigate the punishment that will be meted out to us. In the meantime, particularly if an arrest has been made, we will certainly need the services of a bail bond agent to allow us to go free. Looking up ‘bail bonds’ on the internet should bring up enough choice for anyone to choose who is best suited to help them. Life is never that simple, of course, and anyone who needs this kind of help must be prepared to give out a lot of information to the agent. They, or the relative or friend who is assisting, should be ready with their full names, their date of birth, their exact location where they are being held and the nature of the charge that is being brought against them. They will also need to furnish ten percent of the amount that the court has set to allow the agent to guarantee the rest. They surely must also guarantee that the accused will come back to court when his case is to be heard so many agents really give the accused the third degree on these occasions. Indeed, they weigh up all the circumstances before committing to this kind of contract since an absconder means that they lose money in the end.

Many family members and friends actually shy away from going to police stations and courts but with an agent this is completely unnecessary anyway. As long as they have all the necessary proof of who the person is, it is left to the agent to do all this kind of work. This is what they get paid for and they have the routine down to a fine art for sure.

Although it may seem easy for the accused to abscond once the ten per cent has been paid, they indeed should not act so foolishly. These professionals have their own way of tracking down erstwhile individuals who think that by going out of the state they do not have to face up to the court. Modern day bounty hunters are furnished with all their details and it is certainly hard for people to just disappear these days.

Most courts will find that those who run away must indeed be guilty of the crime anyway and not only will they receive the full sentence which goes along with the crime they will also have to pay the full amount that was cited in the first place as a punishment.

To avoid this ‘double hit’ people are generally advised to face up to the charge and seek the leniency of the court. Since prisons are overcrowded these days, those on minor charges only serve a portion of their sentences anyway so it could be better to get it out of the way right at the beginning and save all the worry and turmoil that follows.

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