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The Dangers of Skipping Bail

Last updated 6 years ago

Bail bonds are an affordable, realistic way for people to get out of jail. While the adrenaline and fear sets in after the initial arrest, it is very easy for a person to vow to stay out of trouble from there on. What some bail bondsmen in Las Vegas and other areas have occasionally found however, is that some people forget that feeling of anxiety once they’re actually out of jail.

Without the obvious reminder of the hand cuffs and sitting in a jail cell, it may become easy to try to avoid the following responsibility of showing up for your court date. This is absolutely not the right answer to any individual’s situation. Oftentimes a co signer is needed to secure the bond and any flight by the individual the bond was posted for is setting the co signer up to be liable for the bond amount.

Co signers aside, bail bondsmen are also in a much better position than years past to find people who skip out on bail. Movies and television shows have highlighted the work of bounty hunters and though it may be slightly different than what is portrayed in the movies, bounty hunters today are provided with a fount of information regarding the individual and even going out of state is not a surefire way of not being found. With today’s technologies and tracking, it’s much more difficult to skip bail and not be found.

While running may get you away from the courts for a moment, repercussions must be made eventually. When someone skips out on their court date, most courts will actually find the defendant automatically guilty and not only will they receive the full brunt of the sentence, but also additional fines on top of that. On the other hand, a person that shows for their court date seeking leniency from the court may actually receive it. With overcrowding in jails, those that are being seen for more minor crimes may only serve a portion of their sentence. It’s much better to face the music when leniency may be an option as opposed to dealing with the full force of the law after skipping bail.

If you or someone you know is in need of an affordable bail bondsman in Las Vegas, be sure to contact Vegas Bail. With 24 hour affordable bail bonds, Vegas Bail gets you out of jail.


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