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How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Last updated 6 years ago

Unfortunately, a get out of jail free card is not something that exists in real life, not even in Las Vegas. In real life, unless they can post bail, people go to jail and stay there until their trial.


When a person is arrested, a judge will determine an amount for the bail, which acts as an insurance that the accused will show up at their trial. In between the arrest and the trial, a person then has the opportunity to post the bail so they don’t have to be incarcerated until the trial starts.

Bail Bondsman

If the accused cannot afford to pay the amount of the bail, then a bail bondsman can step in to front the cost. The bondsman usually charges only 10% of the initial bail, making the cost of the bail bond affordable for the accused.

What Happens to the Money?

If the accused shows up for their trial date, then the bail money is refunded. If he or she used a bondsman to front their jail bail bonds, then the court will return the money to the bondsman. The bondsman will keep the 10% they were paid by the accused as a profit.

If the accused does not show up for their trial date, however, then the bail money is not returned. Some bondsman require some form of collateral before posting the bond to ensure that they will get their money back even if the accused does not make their trial date.

If you or someone you know is facing legal troubles and can’t afford to post their own bail, then Vegas Bail can help. We offer 24 hour bail bonds service to help you get yourself back on track when trouble strikes. We are here to help you. Don’t just sit in jail when you don’t have to. Call us to post your bond for you!


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