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How Fast Can I Bail Out of Jail?

Last updated 2 years ago

Being in jail is not a pleasurable experience, and there aren't many people who would want to spend time there. Most folks who have been to jail wanted to get out of the cell as quickly as humanly possible. Given that, knowing how to get out of jail, fast, should you find yourself in the situation of being accused of a crime is vital.

No one enjoys being in jail, and most want to leave the cell as soon as they are placed in it. Because of that, the faster you can post bail, the better. It's possible that, if you are accused of a crime, your hearing in front of the judge will be the same day you are taken into custody. Other times, it might be the next day. In either case, the odds are in your favor that you will be awarded bail, unless you are charged with a rather serious crime such as murder, or you have a rather extensive criminal record. If either of those are true, you might not be given the option to bail out of jail, or if you are, your bail may be rather high.

Assuming, though, that you're being charged with a low-level crime and that you have a relatively clean criminal record, your bail will be reasonable and manageable. If you have the money to post bail, the amount of time you spend in jail will be as long as it takes for someone to access your money for you. If you need to contact a friend or family member to raise your bail, the same time applies. If you are planning to use collateral, such as property or a business you own, the time may be longer.

Should you not be able to raise the money or find that you don't have enough collateral to pay for your bail, using a bail bondsman through a bail bond agency is a viable option. You will be charged a percentage of the amount of your bail (this is non-refundable), Nevada law is 15%, but paying this is a small price to pay in order to get out of jail. Bail bondsmen are easy to find, are typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and once contacted, can have the bail paid and you out of jail within 1-2 hours. Bail bondsmen can be contacted via phone and, conveniently, through e-mail or internet sites. The convenience and speed of using a bail bondsmen make this route an option to consider should you find yourself in jail without bail money.

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