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Who Hires A BAIL BONDS and Why

Last updated 3 years ago

Being arrested is never a walk in the park, but an extended stay in jail is one surefire way of making the experience evenworse. Excessively high bail amounts can keep you or someone you love stranded in a cell until trial, but there is analternative. Instead of spending a small fortune to secure an inmate’s release, you can work with a bail bondsman to find a more affordable option. For those who have a relative lack of experience related to the criminal justice system and bail bonding industry, however, learning to navigate the system can seem complicated. It doesn’t need to be.


Why Hire a Bail Bonds ?

After an arrest has been made, a judge will usually set bail for the defendant’s release until the case can be heard. Whenthis happens, the defendant or their representative has three available options: pay the full amount, hire a bondsman or opt not to post bail at all. When you post bail for yourself or a loved one without the assistance of a bail bondsman, you will be expected to pay the entire amount in full to secure release. Hiring a bail bondsman allows you to pay only a portion of the total amount up front, with the rest secured by the bondsman through your collateral.

Who Hires a Bail Bondsman After an Arrest?

Often, the price of bail is prohibitively high for the average person to pay in order to simply secure release. This is where a bail bondsman can make the situation more manageable. Hiring a bail bondsman is the responsibility of the defendant or the defendant’s representative. This means a defendant can contact a bail bondsman directly, or they can enlist the help of a close friend or family member to facilitate the process. The person who hires a bail bondsman will have to put up sufficient collateral as surety against missed court dates. Understanding a bit more about how the bail bond industry works can make the process of securing release from jail much less stressful.

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