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Release Without A Bail Bond: What The Studies Show

Last updated 2 years ago

A common question when it comes to defendants being released on their own recognizance (OR) as opposed to needing to post bail bonds relates to whether one method of release is more effective than the other.

The answer to that question is yes.

A statistical comparison done by Dr. Michael Block, a professor of Economics and Law at the University of Arizona found that if the percentage of defendants who are released on bond in the state’s 12 largest counties, were to increase by 7 percent, it would save more than $1.3 million annually; part of that relates to court administrative costs, some of it relates to law enforcement expenses.

Over the course of the years, there have been countless studies that have shown that defendants who are released OR are far less likely to appear in court than had their loved ones been required to hire a bondsman.

Defendants who are allowed to depart jail on a simple promise to appear have less accountability.

If they fail to appear a warrant will be issued, but many law enforcement agencies continue to struggle to do more with less and they simply do not have the resources to track all of these people down.

When the accused person is released on bail bonds, however, both the bondsman and the person who cosigned for the defendant are responsible for finishing their case.  If the defendant skips down and can’t be located in a set period of time, the company and the cosigner will be on the hook to cover the full, initial bail amount as a penalty.

One fugitive recovery agent said that while in some cases, it’s been his experience that fugitives aren’t afraid of him, they are terrified of their grandmothers, and if grandma signed for their bond they’ll want to make sure they stay on her good side.

The bottom line is simple- those who are released through the help of a bondsman are far more likely to return to court as required.

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