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Not all Las Vegas bail bonds need to be paid in cash

Last updated 2 years ago

Finding out that someone you care for has been arrested and carted off to the county jail can have you feeling as if you’ve swallowed a brick.  It’s hard to know what to do, who to call and how the process works.  What’s more, is that most people’s exposure to the commercial bail bonds industry is based on what they’ve seen on TV or in the movies– and every bondsman will agree that Hollywood has it all wrong.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to paying for bail bonds is that the transaction needs to happen in cash.  All cash, all up front, and the defendant will be stuck behind bars until the family sorts this out.  If this person was arrested at 2 a.m. or on a banking holiday this idea gets people pretty worked up.

This cash-only policy is a pretty rampant myth.  Yes, there are some companies that would prefer to have clients pay them in full, and if they want to bring in cash, that’s OK, but it’s rarely a make-it-or-break-it requirement for bail bonds.   When you start calling around be sure to ask what the company’s policies are on payment.  Do they accept credit or debt cards?  What about personal checks?  If you need a Bail Bonds payment plan, what can they tell you about their terms and conditions?  How much of a down payment will you need?  What will your monthly payments look like?

At the end of the day all jail bonds companies are required to charge the same fees in Nevada 15% of the Bail amount. but each one works a little bit differently than the next.   If you’ve learned someone you care for has been arrested try to take a deep breath.  Gather as much information about the arrest that you can and then start the process of hiring an expert bondsman and know that getting the defendant out of jail fast won’t be nearly as complicated as you think it will be.

If you fond out that you do need a Bail Bonds Company, Call VEGAS BAIL 



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