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What steps do I need to take to arrange bail bonds ?

Last updated 2 years ago

It’s natural to feel alarmed, if not overwhelmed when you get the news that someone you know has been arrested. All you can think about is that  you want to get them out of jail, you have no idea how this works, or how to get this process started.

You’ve seen the shows, and you start to get a little worried. Is this really what people in that profession look like? Are all bail bonds offices staffed by agents who have long scraggly hair?  Will you need to drive to a seedy part of town to find one?  Your mind begins to race… this is scary stuff!

We agree- all those thoughts are terrifying.  But how things work in the real world are much different than what you’ve seen in the movies.  The steps to hire a bondsman are actually pretty easy, and it’s certainly nothing to be scared about.

Start calling around until you find someone you’re comfortable with.  For some this search starts on the Internet, for others it starts by pulling out the Yellow Pages.  Check out the company’s website.  Does it have a lot of information?  Do you get the sense they’re experienced and professional?

Begin the application process.   Some companies will require you come into their office in order to start a bail bonds application; others allow clients to do this over the phone.  The agent will start by asking you the name of the defendant, what jail they’re at, how much their bail as and what they’ve been charged with.   If you don’t know all of that off the top of your head it’s OK.  It can be looked up.  The bondsman will also ask how you know that person, where they live, if they rent or own, if they have family that lives in the area and what kind of work they do.  You’ll be asked to answer the same questions.  The agent may also ask for names and contact numbers of other friends and family that live in the area.

Arrange payment.  Will you be paying in full and if so, how?  Will you pay with a credit card or in cash? If you need a payment plan, this is when you’ll ask the bondsman about your options in terms of down payment and monthly payment amount.

Sign the bail bonds documents.   When you do this you are agreeing to take responsibility the defendant will go to court; if you need a payment plan you’re also agreeing to continue to make payments until the balance is resolved. Some companies allow clients the option of doing the whole process online, and from the comfort of their own home, work , or wherever they are.

Pick the defendant up from jail.   When the jail accepts the defendant’s bail bond, this will start the countdown to that person’s release.  Your bondsman can let you know what the average release time will look like so you can plan accordingly.

In the Las Vegas Jails. The average time for the release can be anywhere from 6-24hrs. Depending on how busy they are.

VEGAS BAIL is a professional Bail Bonds that knows all the ins and outs of the Bail process.  If yo need to Bail someone out of Jail, Call VEGAS BAIL



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