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What to do if your adult child has been arrested

Last updated 2 years ago

The news that your son or daughter has been arrested can be a parent’s worse nightmare, especially if they live out of state.  At first you’ll feel angry, then helpless and when all that starts to pass you may start to feel as if your head is spinning.

Can you help them with bail bonds from across the country?  Will you need to jump on the first flight out so you can meet with a bondsman in person?  Are you allowed to cosign for bail bonds if you don’t live in the same state?

Bail bonds professionals are asked these questions all the time.  First, you may be able to help get your son or daughter out of jail without needing to book a plane ticket.  Depending on the company you work with you may be permitted to fill out the bail bonds paperwork remotely; some agencies may even be set up to allow clients to sign documents online or by phone.

If the bondsman you’re working with offers this service they will walk you through the bail bonds application by phone and will ask you for information about where the defendant lives, what type of work they do, if they rent or if they own and how long they’ve been living in that city.  They’ll also ask you to provide the same information about yourself and may ask what your credit score looks like.

If your credit score is less than perfect, don’t worry.  They may still be able to help.

Once the application questions have been answered you’ll be asked to provide a debit or credit card number over the phone to cover the bail bond fees.  From there, the necessary documents will be sent to your email in a matter of minutes.  Simply sign where needed and send those back to the bondsman.   As soon as they are received a licensed bail agent will be sent to the jail to post your child’s bail bonds.

Finding out that your son or daughter has been arrested can be stressful, but the good news is that it is possible to cosign from bail bonds if you live out of state.  Most parents find the process of helping get their child out of jail is a lot faster and easier than they thought it would be.

VEGAS BAIL focusses more on Bailing your Friend or Family member out of Jail and less about your Credit score. So dont let that hold you back in the stressful time and let the professionals help you out. 




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