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Using a Bail Bondsman vs Paying Cash Bond

Last updated 2 years ago

I received a call late last night (around 4:30 am) and it was a woman inquiring about a possible bond for her son that was arrested in Florida, the mother was in Nevada.  Her main question was, “what is the difference of using a bondsman rather than just paying the bond?”  I first asked her what the bond was and she told me $16,000.00.  I replied, well it’s the difference of paying a bail bondsman $1,600 premium and giving the jail $16,000.00.   She couldn’t seem to understand the difference.  Lets explain it here.

We’ll use this same example.  If the judge or a preset bond schedule has set the bond at $16,000.00 , the bail bond premium would be $1600 (in Florida).  For that $1600 premium, the bail bondsman will put up the full amount of the bond to the jail.  As long as the court case is discharged, no more money has to be paid. 

On the other hand, if you put up the full $16,000.00 at the jail for bond, the money is supposed to be given back once the court case is over.  However, in most states, they have changed the laws to where the court may deduct court cost, fines, and other fess from cash bonds.  These are cost, I’m sure, you would much rather have the defendant have to pay. They also can take as long as a year to pay back your money to you minus whatever fees they feel applicable. 

Using a bail bondsman for the bond will cause less headaches, and frustration.  You will have to pay the usually 10% premium, but that is all you will have to pay. Unless its a Bail Bond in Nevada where the premium is 15% of the Bail amount.

VEGAS BAIL is able to bail your loved one out in most any state aloud bail.

call 702-228-2245


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