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If I Bailed Someone Out Of Jail in Las Vegas, And They Ran, What Happens?

Last updated 2 years ago

Q: I recently cosigned for my friend’s boyfriend’s bail bond because the bondsman told them they needed a signer who had a steady job, but now I’m dealing with some issues. My friend was supposed to be making the monthly payments but she stopped sending money. I just started getting calls from a collection agency. I also found out that her boyfriend stopped going to court and has flat out disappeared. The bail bonds company is now telling me, that in addition to the past due balance, I owe them an additional $20,000 because the guy skipped. I never agreed to take on any of that responsibility— I only signed the papers to help out a friend. What can I do?

A: This is a really unfortunate situation and this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this type of story. The bail bondsman your friend hired should have explained the responsibilities you’d be taking on when you cosigned for the defendant before they let you near any of the paperwork. If they had, you would know that as a cosigner, you agreed to take responsibility for two things. One, that the balance that’s owed to the bondsman is paid. Two, you’re taking full legal responsibility that the defendant is going to go to court and finish their case. If they skip bail, which it sounds like this guy did, you’ll be on the hook to pay their full bail amount to the court, along with any fugitive recovery fees that are paid out by the bail bonds company. If you find yourself in this kind of situation. It is always a good idea to work with the Bail Bonds company to help find the defendant. NO, your NOT being a snitch or a Knark, Your actually saving yourself alot of headache. Think about this, if they dont care enough about you to of put you in this situation. Then you shouldnt feel bad saving yourself from paying all that money. It's business. So if the defendant wants to give you the money to pay off the Bail Bonds Bond that they psoted. Then they will leave you alone. Its Business thats all. If you have any questions or need advice or help with any of these situations. Call VEGAS BAIL.      702-228-2245


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