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Will I Get My Bail Bonds Money Back If The DA Doesn't File A Case ?

Last updated 2 years ago

Our office recently received a call from a man who had several questions about bail bond exonerations and whether he should expect to get his $7,500 back. A few weeks prior, his wife had been arrested on a felony domestic violence charge, he said, and her domestic violence bail bonds were set at $50,000.

The husband quickly hired a Nevada bail bondsman to help get her out of jail and he paid a 15% fee to purchase the jail bond.

“The attorney is telling me the bond was exonerated and that the District Attorney chose not to pursue the case,” he said. “They also told me that since the bond was exonerated that the bail bonds company and I are both released from liability and that because of this I should also get my money back.”

We explained to the caller that the only way he’d get his bail money back is if he would have put the full $50,000 up with the county Jail.

“The county assumes that whoever put that money up is going to want it back,” we said, “and they would make sure the defendant cleared up their case. Once the case is over the county would then return the $50,000 to whoever posted it, less whatever administrative fees they charge.”

The caller was still a bit confused.

“But you don’t understand what I’m saying,” he said. “The District Attorney didn’t file charges. Shouldn’t I get my money back since there isn’t any case?”

No, we said. “The money you pay to a bondsman is non-refundable no matter what happens in court. It doesn’t matter if the defendant is found not guilty, if the charges are dropped or if the prosecutor chooses not to move forward with the case.”Think about this. If The Bail Bonds comapny gave the money back, How would they make any money ? The Bail Bonds Company gave him a loan for $50,000 to guarantee the court. That unfortunately isnt Free. 

The question about whether premium will be refunded is a very common one. If you have further questions about how bail bonds work or how bail bonds payment plans work, call our office today to speak with a licensed agent in your area. Call 702-228-2245


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