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When Not To Post Bail Bonds in Las Vegas

Last updated 2 years ago

The news that someone you know has been arrested in Las Vegas can be a big shock to your system.

Calls from inside a jail can really shake a person up, especially if they’ve never been asked to help get someone released from custody before. And while yes, there are many occasions where you should absolutely help arrange bail bonds for a friend or family member, there are definitely a few instances where you should not.

  1. The defendant is calling you completely out of the blue. If you get a call from someone you haven’t talked to in weeks or months, this should be a big red flag. Why are they calling you and not someone they’re close with? Chances are they’ve burned those bridges and are turning to you for sympathy.
  • You don’t understand what “cosigning” actually means. When you cosign for bail bonds you’re agreeing to do more than just pay the fee to get someone out of jail. You’re agreeing to taking on full legal liability that this person will go to court, as many times as needed, to finish their case. If the Defendant skip s bail and disappears, you will be liable to cover their full, original bail amount as a penalty.
  1. You barely know the defendant. This point goes hand in hand with point #1. Why are they calling you, and not a close friend or family member? If you do find yourself on the receiving end of this type of call, buyer beware.

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