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Back to School: What Parents of College Kids Should Know About Bail

Last updated 1 year ago

Fall is a great time of the year, when students go back to school, and your older children either go to college for the first time, or they return after having the summer off. If your children are attending college farther away from home or living with roommates, it’s a time when they are learning how to live on their own. Unfortunately during this process there can be some bumps along the way—and parents might find that they get an unexpected call that their child has been arrested and taken to jail. College is expensive enough already without adding bail into the mix, so here are some things parents should know about posting bail in case they ever find their children in this situation. 

Bail Is More Than Just a Financial Decision 
The choice of whether or not you will help your child is more than just a decision about whether you have the money for it. In many cases you can get help from a place like Vegas Bail if you don’t have all the cash you need up front to bail your son or daughter out of jail. In addition to the cost of bail, it’s an emotional time when you have to determine how much you want to help your child, and how much you want them to learn a lesson about what it means to be an adult and have consequences for your actions. Taking both of these things into consideration is important before you determine whether to bail them out or let them spend the night in jail. 

Consider Jail Conditions In Your Decision 
The place where your child is being held can have a big impact on whether or not you decide to bail them out. If they are attending a smaller school in a more rural area, chances are the jail isn’t very crowded and they can spend a relatively quiet night in the county facilities. If they are attending a school in a place like Los Angeles, Miami, or Chicago the jails are often overcrowded and one night in a local jail could quickly become a logistical nightmare as they are transferred to central facilities that are farther away and have more dangerous inmates. 

They May Need Financial Help to Post Bail 
Even college students who want to be on their own might have trouble finding the cash to pay the required 15 percent of bail in order to get help from a place like Vegas Bail .Many bail bonds companies can also work with families to help get your students out of jail sooner. 

Going Through Legal Trouble is Often a Good Lesson 
Being in jail may not be the best way to teach your child a lesson—but often having to deal with legal consequences is a great way to show them why good judgment is important. Hiring an attorney, telling friends, bosses, and teachers about why they are missing school, and facing the prospect of the loss of personal freedoms can make a big difference for your child even if they don't spend much time in jail. 

The majority of college students are arrested for minor drug and alcohol offenses, and when it does happen Vegas Bail is there for you to help you get the assistance you need so they can get back on track.



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